Get The Look – For Your Living Room!

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It can be so easy to spruce up your wardrobe with new pieces of jewellery, scarves and bags; by accessorising you know that you’ll take your outfit from old-school to outrageously on-trend in no time at all. But what about your home? We love accessorising with fashion and clothes but how about giving your home the facelift it deserves? It’s just as easy to buy homeware such as curtains and cushions as it is to nip to the high street and get your fast-fashion pick me up. Ladies, it’s time to discuss the quick fix ways to transform your home in a matter on minutes, at prices that won’t break the bank. Let’s get started:

Living room

We all know how expensive and time consuming redecorating can be – not to mention having to live higgledy-piggledy out of boxes waiting for new sofas to be delivered for weeks on end. But updating your living space doesn’t have to be nearly half as stressful; it’s all about accessorising!

If you’ve had your sofas for a few years now and feel the print is looking a little dated then you’re in need of one thing – throws. Throws are a fantastic way of covering up a somewhat dodgy pattern and can be used to mix, match and contrast the existing colours in your room. Perhaps you’ve got a statement vase that you want noticed? Match the colour to a sofa throw for a seamless interior theme.Similarly, statement cushions will instantly update and add a touch of glam to your living space. A large print centred on a feature wall will immediately revitalise your living space. If you’re stuck for space, try a large statement mirror – it will create the illusion of a much bigger room.


Cheap homeware isn’t just available for sprucing up your lounge; it’s just as easy to update your bedroom with a few simple tips and tricks. For a really cool, effortless look that will give your room a whole new spin, try stripping back the carpet and start waxing those floorboards! If your budget allows, invest in a plush rug – it’s a sure-fire way to glam up your bedroom.

Patterned duvet sets and bed linen with multiple textures such as satin or embellished florals will instantly refresh your room. It’s the perfect accessory that won’t clutter your room!


Covering up white goods and appliances in wood or the material of your choice is a great way to ‘touch-up’ your kitchen. Simple things, such as an oversized wall clock or a vintage dresser will give your kitchen the new lease of life it needs. Coloured utensils and kitsch-patterned cake tins, coffee pots and bread bins are a great value-for-money way to inject style into your kitchen.

Bringing your home up to speed with the latest looks and styles isn’t hard when you know how to accessorise successfully. Hopefully after reading this you’ll know that it’s all about working with the styles that you’ve already got and understanding that it’s actually relatively easy (and cheap!) to update your home without getting the decorators in.