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7th October, 2015

The Most Popular UK Instagram Accounts Are Kinda Odd

... All Guilty Of... He's followed by David Beckham, who's just a teeny bit behind at 12.9m. Considering Becks only ... 7m fans. David Beckham beat his wife Victoria   We're feeling a teeny bit sorry for 1D's ... British woman who failed to make the list. How is Victoria Beckham so far behind her husband?! And while Cara Delevingne ...

5th October, 2015

Brooklyn Beckham: A Fashion Icon's Son

Brooklyn Beckham is certainly making his presence felt in the fashion world. Not only does this handsome and stylish teen have probably the most beautiful parents in the form of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, but Brooklyn Beckham seems to want carve his own A-list niche outside of his parents influence. And we totally commend him for that!Since reaching adolescence, Brooklyn has embarked on a variety of different projects including making his modeling debut aged 15 on the cover of Man About Town, and landing his first fashion campaign with Polish brand Reserve.It wasn’t going to be long before Brooklyn’s good looks were recognized by the industry, and it’s now been reported that the 16-year-old has signed with a modeling agency, although it hasn’t been confirmed which one has snapped up Master Beckham.SEE: Brooklyn Beckham Just Landed HIs First CampaignBorn on 4th March 1999, Brooklyn Beckham has cemented himself as the precious first-born son to parents David and Victoria, and *adorable* protective elder bro to siblings Romeo, Cruz & Harper. He has over 3 million followers on Instagram (he only joined in May - madness) and an enviable posse of celebrity mates including One Direction’s Niall Horan and Brit model princess Cara Delevingne. Is it any wonder this prodigal son is hotly tipped to be the next big thing with BFFs like that?SEE: The Beckham Family AlbumAnd apparently, Brooklyn along with the high-profile modeling work, also has designs on becoming a Hollywood star. He reportedly spent some time last month on the set of King Arthur with director friend Guy Ritchie, and is being encouraged to look at acting as a career option by those in the know. Imagine a certain golden statuette eventually being added to the Beckham family mantlepiece...exciting stuff.We don’t know about you, but we’re ALL about watching the Beckham brood grow up before our eyes. Good luck Brooklyn – we can’t wait for what’s coming up next!

2nd October, 2015

David Beckham Is Coming Out Of Retirement

... David Beckham Is Set To Return To Football David Beckham ... Read: David Beckham Shares A Surprising Secret About Victoria...   'I want a world where children ...

2nd October, 2015

The Lipstick That Celebs Just Can't Get Enough Of

... - many have been named after her famous pals including Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Sienna Miller. Bella Hadid ...

2nd October, 2015

13 Stars Who've Had Major Eyebrow Transformations

... ever WEREN'T flawless.   Victoria Beckham She's certainly spiced up her life since that first photo was ...

1st October, 2015

David Beckham Says Wife Victoria Sucks At Packing

... David Beckham Says Wife Victoria Sucks At Packing David Beckham has ...

1st October, 2015

Bye Bye, Pouts! Say Hello To The 'Fish Gape' Pose

... Ladies including Little Mix , Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham , Michelle Keegan , Caroline Flack, Nicki Minaj and Keira Knightley ...

1st October, 2015

Ruth Bell: The 19-Year-Old Model Storming The Runways

... & Confused.   SEE: Peyton Knight: Victoria Beckham's Favourite Model   Arguably Ruth’s most ...

14th September, 2015

The Latest From New York Fashion Week

... shortly followed by a spellbinding appearance in the Victoria Beckham finale yesterday. As if that wasn’t enough, Peyton’s ... Peyton Knight walking for Alexander Wang (left) and Victoria Beckham (right)         ...

30th September, 2015

David Beckham's Top Fashion Moments!

We love David Beckham over here at LOOK (we mean, who doesn't?), so we've gathered together his most iconic fashion moments over the years – and believe us, there are loads.Let's start with his endless list of risqué hairstyles that had everybody itching to see what he would do next. I mean, who could forget those statement cornrows, the slim shady platinum crop or that mohawk? And let's not forget his fashion hits and misses either. From his could-be-All-Saints combat trousers to his love of all things leather, Becks always had people talking. However, when it comes to looking dapper in a three-piece suit, David gets it right every time.The 'silver fox’ himself, as wife Victoria likes to call him, has definitely settled into his current look, now rocking a greying beard and a classic haircut. These days, David is usually spotted leaving SoulCycle sessions in LA rocking gym clothes – not that we’re complaining. He's also developed a penchant for beaten leather jackets and denim jeans ever since he hooked up with Belstaff... And there's no denying he looks great on the back of a motorcycle. Are we right, ladies?Gym gear and denim aside, off-duty Becks is also a fan of a casual beanie and a t-shirt, which, of course, he rocks just as well as a designer suit. Now it's time to enjoy this #throwback gallery we've made just for your viewing pleasure…We look forward to more fashion moments to come.