Tom Hardy: 70 Things You NEED To Know

Tom Hardy: 9/11 Memories

Tom was out in Africa filming when 9/11 took place. Talking to The Wrap, he said: "I was doing a French Foreign Legion film, and I was going out to North Africa, Morocco. We’d just done Black Hawk Down, and they shelved that immediately. There were a lot of war films that year being made. A lot of work was being done in North Africa. Everyone had started panicking. And I was executing holy men in a scene three days later in a mosque in Morocco. So it was a very odd situation to be in, because there I was, playing a soldier in North Africa. We had a plane on standby to get us out if anything kicked off. Immediately, it was a life-changing event. I have friends who serve, I have a lot of friends in special forces, I have very, very close friends who deal in very serious operations all over the Middle East that were affected post-9/11 … I’m still really thrown by the loss and the amount of people on that day, and that whole situation, to be honest. I’m a bit thrown. I’ve got friends who were in the building, in the twin towers. I have friends who are servicemen... What can you say?”