The Twilight Saga: See The Pictures From ALL The Films

The Twilight Saga: ALL The Pictures

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II is just weeks away now, and as our favourite vampire saga comes to an end, we've decided it's time to relive the magic from all five films. From the moment that Bella (Kristen Stewart) first moved to Forks and met the delicious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), we've been fascinated by their journey as a couple - both on and off the big screen. See pictures of the pair in these stunning stills from the movies - remember when Edward took Bella to the prom in Twilight? It's here. Remember the moment that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took his top off for the first time? It's here. We've also got gorgeous pictures of Edward and Bella's first kiss (HOT), scary shots of the Volturi, pics of the moment that Jasper took a swipe for Bella, and all the images of the wolf pack. Relive the moment that Edward and Bella got married, see Bella's incredible wedding dress and watch their honeymoon unfold as she finds out she's pregnant with Renesmee. Eek! We've also got snaps of a red-eyed Bella as she becomes a vampire, and a couple of sneaky shots from the final film. It's the best guide to all five films in the saga, so Twihards - curl up, get comfy and scroll through all our favourite pics!