Primark Homeware: The Best Buys

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We’ve long associated Primark with clothes, undies and shoes, but just wait until you hear what’s coming next. Primark has quite possibly the best homeware collection we’ve ever seen (not kidding)! Yep, it’s not often we venture away from the John Lewis’ and House of Fraser’s in our lives when it comes to homeware, but Primark’s latest interior collection has well and truly taken over. There’s everything from cushions, candles and photo frames to choose from, but the best part of all? It’s so purse-friendly we can hardly believe it!

Let us put things into perspective for you… When it comes to saving for your first home (or renting, for that matter), the idea of spending on pretty interiors upon moving date is near impossible, right? Well, Primark’s homeware collection is so affordable, you can afford to kit out every single room – and then some – the second you move in!

So what’s on offer? For the bedroom, there’s patterned bohemian cushions, super soft throws and quirky alarm clocks up for grabs. We’ll be doubling up on

As for the bathroom, storage has never been so chic. There’s many a wicker basket to choose from, featuring classic white detailing or patterned monochrome for added edge.

And the lounge? This is where Primark homeware really excels itself. Cute pineapple desk lights, rustic blue lanterns and cool elephant shaped candles are all just a scratch on the surface of the Primark homeware in stores now.

Kitchens haven’t been forgotten, either. There’s mugs, plastic cups and even cutlery on sale.

To round things up then, here’s some specifics… Prices start at just £2.90. Yes, really. Race you to the checkouts.