Perfume: Which New Season Fragrance Are You?

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Now autumn is here, it’s time to upgrade your perfume to suit the season. Light, zesty, oceanic bouquets are great for the summer, but not so great when temperatures start to dip. So it’s a good idea to invest in a scent that’s slightly richer, with deep woody notes, a rich floral heart or a pinch of spices.

But if you can’t bear to be parted from your favourite summer scent, don’t fret – our beauty team have picked a perfume to suit everyone. So whether you’re a girly girl who likes a light floral bouquet, or if you want to pretend you’re on a beach in Rio with a fruity fragrance, we’ve got the perfect fragrance for you – with an autumnal twist of course. The new season also allows us to be a bit more daring with perfume, so there are quite a few seductive new launches in our round-up too, with rich woody and slightly masculine notes hiding in there. We also have some sophisticated perfume picks with alluring orchid notes, for those of you who prefer something slightly more grown-up.

Have a ‘nose’ through our gallery to find your ideal perfume partner.