Hair Extensions: 10 Best Online

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Hair extensions must be the best thing to happen to beauty since false eyelashes – we LOVE them.

Want gorgeous long tresses without the hassle of the upkeep? No problem. Even if you’re looking for a little extra volume rather than a longer length, or a splash of colour without having to dye your locks, hair extensions are a godsend.

Finding the right ones, however, can be a little tricky. Anyone who’s Googled hair extensions knows there are hundreds to choose from, which can create a bit of a headache when shopping (not what you want), so to make it easier we’ve done the work for you.

The type of hair extensions you go for will depend on two things – your hair type and what you want out of your product.

For example, if you just fancy lengthening your locks for a night out, we’d recommend clip-ins. Wefts are a more permanent option and will generally be fitted by a hairdresser, although you can choose your own shade online to take to the salon.

With both options, some will be made of human hair and others will be synthetic.

You can buy hair extensions for wavy, curly and straight hair. But don’t worry – most will also allow you to use straighteners and tongs on them, which means you can continue to style your mane as usual.

For an instant update, you can pop in a single clip-in streak. Considering going pink? Or blue? This is the perfect way to experiment without having to make any long-term decisions.

Fancy the ombre look? You can get hair extensions in various two-tone shades.

One issue with extensions is that it’ll become harder to tie your hair up – trying to cover the clips/bonds can seem like mission impossible. But don’t worry, we’ve found a clip-on ponytail that will give you a sleek up-do in seconds.

So whatever look you’re going for, you can shop the 10 best hair extensions online here.