David Beckham’s Top Fashion Moments!

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We love David Beckham over here at LOOK (we mean, who doesn’t?), so we’ve gathered together his most iconic fashion moments over the years – and believe us, there are loads.

Let’s start with his endless list of risqué hairstyles that had everybody itching to see what he would do next. I mean, who could forget those statement cornrows, the slim shady platinum crop or that mohawk? And let’s not forget his fashion hits and misses either. From his could-be-All-Saints combat trousers to his love of all things leather, Becks always had people talking. However, when it comes to looking dapper in a three-piece suit, David gets it right every time.

The ‘silver fox’ himself, as wife Victoria likes to call him, has definitely settled into his current look, now rocking a greying beard and a classic haircut. These days, David is usually spotted leaving SoulCycle sessions in LA rocking gym clothes – not that we’re complaining. He’s also developed a penchant for beaten leather jackets and denim jeans ever since he hooked up with Belstaff… And there’s no denying he looks great on the back of a motorcycle. Are we right, ladies?

Gym gear and denim aside, off-duty Becks is also a fan of a casual beanie and a t-shirt, which, of course, he rocks just as well as a designer suit. Now it’s time to enjoy this #throwback gallery we’ve made just for your viewing pleasure…

We look forward to more fashion moments to come.