Sock Boots: 13 Pairs We Love

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Sock boots are firmly on our radar, thanks to that stylish array of fashion bloggers who have been plastering them all over Instagram. And when a shoe gets Instagram famous, you know it’s time to take notice…

We first saw the sock boot parading down the Dior catwalk, and as ever, the high street was quick to pick up on the cool twist on the classic ankle boot.

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Why do we love them? Well, firstly, the snug stretchy lining means that they keep your ankles oh-so-warm (which is very necessary when you have to suffer through this dodgy British weather).

Secondly, they look epic with kick flares. Seriously. Just add a cute roll-beck jumper and you’re nailing that 70s look like a dream.

What’s also brilliant about the humble sock boot is that the high street is awash with pairs in every single colour and texture. Topshop, River Island and Zara are all nailing the trend right now.

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Pink patent? You’ve got it. Soft leopard print? Done.

They also tend to come with block heels, meaning you’re not only nailing a hot trend of 2016 (two birds, one stone), but you’ll also be super comfy when you’re stomping around in your new sock-shaped beauties.

Sock boots are also the perfect day-to-night option, meaning you can wear them to look sassy at work, but also leave your mates gawping when you hit the bar for cocktails later that evening.

In a nutshell, we’re hooked. Here are 13 pairs we love…