14 Best Liquid Eyeliners For A Flawless Cat Flick

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What's the best liquid eyeliner money can buy? Well, we're about to fill you in, because we've narrowed down the best liquid eyeliners of 2016.

Liquid eyeliner is most definitely a make-up essential in the LOOK office; it has the power to make eyes look wider, sexier and more awake – it’s magic! Which is exactly why we’ve taken the time to round up our top 10 eyeliners; whether you’re after the best waterproof liquid eyeliner or the best liquid eyeliner pen, it’s all here in our edit.

And don’t worry if you’re just getting started – we’ve narrowed down the best liquid eyeliners for beginners, too, to help you get started.

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But then comes that burning question: How to apply liquid eyeliner? Well, with different formulas such as kohl pencil, gel, pens or liquid, and a number of colours to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. But if you’re trying to recreate a cat flick, or want to frame your eyes with a super slim line, then liquid eyeliner will give you the freedom to get creative.

Still worried your unsteady hand will result in a wobbly line? Well, worry no more. Many applicators are now much thicker, allowing for ease of use and highly pigmented colour.

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If you’re looking for a liquid eyeliner for beginners, L’Oreal’s Superliner Perfect Slim and Benefit’s Push-Up Liner pen have made applying seriously simple. And if you’re still after that perfectly precise cat-eye, try our secret cheat; hold a credit card up to the outer corner of your eye and angle it up towards the end of your eyebrow. Draw a dot where you want your liner to begin and end, and join them up using the card as a guide.

If you’re after something a bit more fun, there’s a ton of coloured liners on the market to choose from too. From matte to glossy, they’re something different from your everyday black, and with the upcoming festival season, they’ll make the perfect addition to your summertime makeup bag.

So whether you want flirty feline flicks or colour-pop peepers, have a browse of our gallery for the very best on the high street – there’s no excuse not to get arty with your eyes. Get clicking to find you new BFF eyeliner, right here right now!