Best Fake Tan: 13 That Amp Up Our Bronze

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Best fake tan reviews from the LOOK beauty team, including best fake tan products for pale skin, as well as those for your body and face...

Looking for the best fake tan to get a gorgeous golden glow even when the sun’s not shining? Except, without the much-feared streaky legs, the biscuit-y smell and the orange shade that nobody wants? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve tried and tested the best fake tans for face and body, and yes, those with pale skin can definitely still get involved…

Finding the best fake tan product for you can be a total minefield –  do you opt for a traditional St Tropez or Fake Bake mousse, pick up a bottle of Xen Tan or get involved with the St Moriz?! Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best fake tans of 2016, and even better, they’re all super easy to apply.

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There probably isn’t a fake tan that we haven’t tried and (we are VERY dedicated to our jobs) plus, the LOOK team all have different skin types and shades, so we all need a different type of fake tan. Best fake tan for pale skin? We’ve got it.

From the best fake tan moisturisers to gradual tans, sprays, lotions, mousses and face tanners, we’ll get you looking golden and glossy in time for summer – hoorah! Because every girl knows, a tan is perfect way to get you feeling sassy and confident.

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As well as this, we want to introduce you to the 5 New Ways To Fake Tan (a fake tan that promises to tone and tighten?! Er, yes please!), and to help you out with our top tips for How To Apply Fake Tan. From how to exfoliate, to which fake tan to pick and when exactly to apply it, it will leave you fully equipped to achieve the most flawless tan you’ve ever had.

So if you’ve got a wedding to go to, a big night out, or you just like having an all-year-long glow, it’s time to read up on our reviews of the best fake tans tans and up your bronzing skills with our fake tan masterclass. Now go forth and glow!