21 Brilliant Memes About The US Presidential Election

Because after Donald Trump's win, we all need a giggle...

The results of the US presidential election are in… and Donald Trump is the new leader of the free world.

Yep. The guy who used to host The Apprentice beat Hillary Clinton in an insanely tense race for the White House last night.

Whether you’re sad, confused or frustrated, we can all rest in the comfort that the whole of the internet feels pretty much exactly the same way.

Even before the polling stations opened, memes started flooding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And now the reactions are coming in thick and fast.

If you fancy a laugh (or a cry), take a look at some of the best ones…

1) When the Statue of Liberty got involved

💔 #regram @yasminsewell

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2) When the UK (accidentally) challenged the US to a fight

Good luck with the wall #Trump

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3) When we were trying to work out who on Earth invented the US voting system


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4) When everybody felt a little bit sick

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5) When we remembered some of Trump’s past quotes

6) When the results started coming in

Currently… #imwithher #always

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7) When only Harry Potter could help us feel more calm

accio anything but this

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8) When stress levels reached an ultimate high

tfw you can relate to the rest of the country😳 #ElectionDay cc: @abbie_wintters #VoteYourValues

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9) When we decided that after all this tension, we just needed a flippin’ holiday

✈️ but seriously, go vote.

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10) When Trump couldn’t help sneaking a look at his wife Melania’s ballot paper


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11) When Joe Biden got nervous


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12) When people got desperate

everything hurts and I'm dying

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13) When we started campaigning for Michelle Obama to step in and save us

14) When… heeeere’s Donald


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15) When the polling stations opened

16) When Eric Trump ended up in the firing line

17) When we felt totally hard done by

Word fucking up

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18) When we found a potential solution

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19) When we basically gave up altogether

20) When we found a way to make things fun. Or at least bearable

It's not enough.

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21) When we all came out in support of our pals across the Atlantic

Current mood #election2016

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