You Can Now Matchmake On Tinder!

You Can Now Matchmake On Tinder!

Would that swipe left totally be a swipe right for your friend? Now you can let them know...

Hilary Duff admitted she's used Tinder

Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. So many potential matches... yet how come you're always seeing people your mate would love, and you really don't fancy? And she's always seeing your type and never hers? Well, now Tinder have totally solved that eternal dilemma and have input a new system that allows you to 'share' profiles with your friends. By tapping the new share button, the app creates a link that you can send to anyone in your contacts book and the link will expire after three days.

But if you don't fancy being bombarded with matches from well meaning mates you can opt out.

The option can also be used to get a second opinion before you swipe right - no more clogging up your phone's memory with screenshots!

New to Tinder? We've got the ultimate guide below...

So, How Does Tinder Work?

It’s pretty simple really. First you have to sign up through your Facebook profile (don’t worry it won’t send a notification to your pals saying you’ve joined the dating app) and it finds your location using GPS on your phone. To narrow your search choose who you’re looking for on the dating app i.e. Woman seeking woman between 20-30years old in a 5 mile radius. And voila - your Tinder profile is set up with only your first name, age and photos (of your choosing – you can add up to six photos) and anything you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook showing.

Then the fun can really begin – Tinder then works its magic, finding potential matches near you. Then you can swipe right to ‘like’ them or to pass swipe left. But before you can start messaging you need to mutually like one another’s profiles. Word of warning any guy that starts with the following is probably not one to pursue ‘was your mother a beaver? Because DAAAMN girl.’ Or the ever charming ‘treat me like a pirate and give me that booty.’ NEXT.

When's The Best Time To Go On It?

New research from Nielsen has tracked the best time to get a match on Tinder - and found that peak hours for the app are between 9 and 10pm. So set your alarm and get swiping!

New Updates

Tinder has now made it easier to find the love of your life. First of all you can now include your occupation and where you studied in your bio, which, let's face it, makes for a great conversation starter. More importantly, it's gotten a little smarter. Based on our swiping habits Tinder now uses an algorithm which will select matches that we'll actually life (hopefully reducing the number of swipe lefts)

Tinder Moments

Last year Tinder launched a new section on the app called Tinder Moments, a Snapchat style feature, where you can share photos with all your Tinder matches. You can even press “nope” or “like” and even comment if you wish on people’s moments.

Profile Pictures 

So Tinder has hit the nail on the head and has capitalised on the fact most humans are shallow and we judge immediately based on looks. Therefore some good profile pics are a must. Basic rules:

  1. No bathroom selfies: How good is the night out if you’re stood in the bathroom taking duck face pics? It’s weird and you might look hot but the girl throwing up behind you isn’t.
  2. All group shots: Another no. How is he meant to know which one you are? It looks like you have something to hide and why even tempt him with the other single members of your girl squad?
  3. Think about what kind of guy you’re trying to attract… A party boy? Pose with that massive bottle of vodka getting passed around the club. An adrenaline junkie? Lead with your skydiving pic. You get the gist.


- Minimal rejection. If you’ve ‘liked’ someones profile but haven’t matched yet it could be he’s just not come across your profile (yet).

- You’ll often find you and potential matches have mutual friends – if you have Facebook friends in common. Easy conversation starter.

- Mutual matching. You’ve both liked each other’s profiles, unlike some dating sites anyone can message you.


-It’s 99% likely you’ll come across ex-boyfriends or that guy you snogged once in Tiger Tiger at Freshers Week.

- How do you know whether that date with the guy you really is an opportunity to get to know you or a just casual hook-up? Trial and error.

-Tinder addiction. It’s a thing. You may get so wrapped up in the excitement of this app that ‘real-life’ dating seems a thing of the past.

Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Tinder:

- Be safe.You’ve sifted through the creepy ones and found someone that you actually want to meet. Which is great but if he says lets meet up in the dark alleyway behind McDonalds obviously don’t. Crowded and familiar is great and even better if you can get a friend to sit and hide behind a menu on another table. That way you can give her the secret ‘drop a napkin’ signal if you want to be rescued from the guy who’s explaining his chemistry dissertation in detail.

- Keep your Tinder bio short and sweet.No one wants to read a dissertation on your life- except maybe your mum but lets hope she’s not anywhere near Tinder. Pick a phrase and create a bit of intrigue.

-Mix it up with your messages.Avoid the standard ‘Hi’opener.Yawn. If in doubt, emoji’s are generally a good Tinder icebreaker too.

-Selection is key. In London or any big city you’ll get a whole heap of potential matches and you can afford to be a little more picky. Weird moustache? Swipe Left. 7 Flatmates? Swipe Left. But in more rural areas, you’re going to have to lower your standards as you’re going to be swiping through most of your family and all of the people you went to school with and never left.

-Be interested.Tinder is a great opportunity to get to know people, so avoid ‘me me me’ chat. You’ll find out a lot of a person just by asking them how their weekend was.

By Francesca Hanratty