Rihanna Reacts To Robert Pattinson Rumours

Kate Stephens

Rihanna wearing black slash neck top and red lipstick
Rihanna says nothing went on with Robert Pattinson

Rihanna has spoken out about rumours that were sparked after she was spotted hugging Robert Pattinson briefly at the MTV VMAs.

Reports centred on her flirting with him over text, and in an interview with Vogue she apparently reacted with both "horror and amusement".

The singer is preparing for her new album release at the moment, as well as spending time with her ex Chris Brown, and denies any involvement with Rob.

Rihanna told the mag it's "the most bulls**t ever", underlining the fact it was just a hug.

Meanwhile, Rob's been spotted out with Kristen Stewart again - see the video here - so we're pretty sure those rumours won't be back anytime soon. BS

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Rihanna works a wrap pony hitting the town in New York, 2015

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