Prince Harry Goes Back To Work Following Naked Pic Leak

Kate Stephens

Prince Harry in army uniform in Afghanistan
Prince Harry is putting his naked pictrue scandal behind him

Prince Harry has returned to work in Afghanistan following his naked picture scandal in Las Vegas.

The royal hottie has been deployed to the Middle East where he will continue his tour of duty as a co-pilot gunner.

Prince Harry, who's known as Captain Wales in the military, is the first member of the royal family to fight in combat since his uncle, Prince Andrew, fought in the Falklands war. How exciting! He qualified as a pilot back in February but his last trip was cut short when the press found out where he was based.

The royal family will be pleased that the 27-year-old is back at work - as it means no more naked partying and strip billiards.

What's better than Prince Harry naked? Prince Harry in a hot army uniform! RM

Prince Harry Pictures

Prince Harry: Official Party-Boy/Prince Of Wales

Prince Harry's royal status, military ranking and masses of family riches make him one of the most powerful men in the country. And if that's not hot enough for you, think of the wild drives he could take us on in his army tank, the access we'd have to the crown jewels and the fact he'd make us a bonafide princess. What's not to fancy?

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