Leona Lewis has finally responded to the rumours that she’s dating Liam Payne from One Direction. And it’s not quite what we expected…

The X Factor winner, who confirmed she has recently split from her dancer boyfriend Dennis Jauch, told The Mirror: “He is a really sweet, lovely guy. I’m a fan of One Direction. We have been friends for a year-and-a-half.”

Oh… er…  “just friends”?

Not only is Leona, 27, recently single, but Liam has just split up from his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, too.

Leona might not have denied the dating rumours – but she does insist she hates talking about her personal life. She said: “I’ve learned from having relationships before that have been speculated about, it’s best not to talk about it. I think that’s important. Usually the other person doesn’t get a say so it’s really one-sided and unfair.”

She added: “I love being in love. You have someone to come home to. You don’t feel lonely because someone’s always there, especially when you’re travelling and need a bit of normality.”

And 19-year-old Liam once said in an interview that Leona is “beautiful”. We reckon it’s definitely ON between these two lovebirds. Oh, imagine… the first X Factor wedding! RM