Made In Chelsea's Proudlock: Francis And Rosie Should Get Together!

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Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue And Oliver Proudlock

Made In Chelsea series four is just days away now, and the cast are remaining tight-lipped on what's in store. Well, some of them are.

We were lucky enough to have lunch with the gorgeous Oliver Proudlock in Chelsea's trendy La Brasserie, where he told us who he thinks should hook up in the next series. And we didn't even have to ply him with wine!

The conversation got a little filthy though, as we grilled the artist and designer on Fifty Shades Of Grey...

He said: "I read one page. It’s pretty kinky.  I do want to read them. How many are there? Does it get more and more dirty as they go on?"

Oh Proudlock, behave...

He added: "The first time you’re a little bit shocked I guess… when I get the time I’ll give them a read. I think Mila Kunis would make a great Ana for the film. She's gorgeous.

"Out of the Made In Chelsea gang I’d probably go with Millie to play Ana. Or Rosie!

"For Christian I’d probably say Francis. Just because he’s so awkward. He’d be hilarious! I actually think those two together would make a pretty funny couple. Francis and Rosie. Actually maybe they should get together in the next series…"

Ooh, someone's going to be in trouble when they get home, Proudlock. Over to you, Francis... RM

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