Made In Chelsea Series Four: Episode One Sneak Peek!

by Kate Stephens

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Made In Chelsea's Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing walk down the street topless
Made In Chelsea's Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing have given us a yummy taster of series four

Made In Chelsea's Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing… topless… with six packs. Does it really get any better than that?

Channel 4 has given us a sneaky peek of what we can expect from episode one of Made In Chelsea's fourth series. And it is HOT.

This revealing snap was posted to the show's Facebook page last night with the caption: "This picture is VERY important to episode 1 and not gratuitous in any way…"

That's OK… we weren't at ALL dribbling over Jamie's six-pack. We're checking out this picture purely for research purposes, you understand.

The boys' real-life flatmate Oliver Proudlock is missing from the picture (sob). We'll just have to tune in to Made In Chelsea on Monday (15th October) to see if we can spot him.

p.s LOVE the pink shorts, Francis… RM

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