Made In Chelsea Cast Head Stateside Next Month

Kate Stephens

Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh, Herby and Caggie Dunlop
Millie Mackintosh and Caggie Dunlop heading to the USA?

Made In Chelsea's stars could abandon us for the USA, as the show begins airing in America next month!

The Style Network has picked up the series, and will air it from November 12 - starting with the pilot, so they'll be a bit behind the current happenings.

The network's senior vice president, Katie Buchanan said:

"With a keen on eye on fashion and trends, we are confident our viewers will gravitate towards Made in Chelsea and fall in love with these fashion-obsessed, upscale, sexy twenty-somethings." 

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to the fourth season starting in the UK very soon. In fact, it's one reason we're happy to see autumn come around! BS