10 Dramatic Moments You Forgot Happened In This Series Of Love Island

It's been one dramatic summer, and we think you may have forgotten about these key villa moments...

1. First of all, can you remember the original five couples?

There was Kem Cetinay with Chloe Crowhurst, Amber Davies and Harley Judge, Montana Brown and Dom Lever, Marcel Somerville and Olivia Attwood and finally Sam Gowland and Camilla Thurlow.

How WEIRD is that?! And how different things could have been…

Harley and Amber on Love Island

2. Secondly, who could forget about Marcel confessing his big secret?!

Marcel telling the other islanders that he used to be in Blazin’ Squad kept viewers entertained for days – and brought us some of the best memes we’ve ever seen.

3. Who else has forgotten that Olivia first had eyes for Sam?

After the continuous drama that Chris and Olivia’s romance has given us, it’s strange to think how cute Sam and Olivia used to be.

In fact, Caroline Flack predicted a winning couple in the making, before Liv got ‘The Ick’.

4. And speaking of forgotten romances, remember Chris and Chloe?!

The term ‘romance’ is being used lightly, admittedly, but there was a moment in the hot tub that looked like it could lead to something, at least.

5. Oh, and we’ve got to mention the debate that swept the nation; Camilla and Jonny’s row over feminism.

Regardless of who you sided with, it was certainly an unexpected turn of events and a discussion that the Love Island producers probably NEVER expected.

6. Marcel’s first bromance can never be forgotten.

It’s been a long time since Harley was dumped from the island – and Marcel has since found romance with Gabby – but the tears shed by the Blazin’ Squad star when Harley left will always be one of the cutest moments of the series.

Harley and Marcel on Love IslandHarley and Marcel on Love Island

7. Amber’s little white lie…

Amber and Kem have become pretty solid, so we wouldn’t blame you for forgetting some of their earlier dramz.

But do you remember that big ‘truth or lie’ debate which involved Amber hinting to Kem that Chris had made a move on her? It sparked an initial divide between Chris and Kem.

Thankfully, the lads made it through and actually developed, arguably, the most loving relationship in the villa.

And the world was given THAT picture…

8. Chris and Sam went head to head over Olivia, remember?

It was the first heated argument of the series, with Sam proving how ‘not bothered’ he was by pulling Chris up for getting close to Olivia.

Again the boys proved the power of the bromance by moving past their issues, whereas Olivia and Chris’s journey has been anything but plain sailing.

9. The next shouting match was between Olivia and Montana…

We first saw Olivia lose her temper when she screamed ‘I’m not being confrontational!’ in Montana’s face in the most ironic moment of the series.

10. And finally, we’d almost forgotten that ‘Samtana’ gave things a go.

After being pied by Olivia for not having enough sexual chemistry, Montana and Sam gave it a shot. Sadly for Sam it ended up backfiring on him again. Bless him.


Things have changed A LOT in seven weeks. And we’ve loved each and every moment.

The only question remaining is… Who will win Love Island 2017?

By Emily Jefferies