Love Island 2015: Where Are The Couples Now?

Love Island is set to come back to our screens this summer. But we look back at some of the best contestants from 2015...

It was a long, hot summer – yup, we really did just quote that famous Caroline Flack line – and we watched on as a line-up of buff, bronzed singletons entered a villa in the Majorca sun, looking for love.

There were tears, tantrums, declarations of love, fall-outs, a meet-the-parents and even an engagement.

With this year’s series going from strength-to-strength, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to look back on some of our favourite characters – and couples – from last year, and to see what they’re up to now.

So, are any of them still together…?

1. Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth

It’s safe to say that this larger-than-life duo captured the hearts of audiences across the country.

Starting things off with a bang, JB and Hannah were the first couple to pair up on day one.

Although they stayed loyal to one another ’til the end (because, obvs, they made it to the final) their path to true love did NOT run smoothly.

They argued a lot, but also had the most heartwarming kiss-and-make-up conversations. And we’re still not over the time that Jon told her that she made him ‘feel like a rainbow’. The young couple even got engaged on national television.


Sadly, their romance didn’t last outside of the villa, with the pair splitting up following an argument on holiday.

Now, Jon is starring in The Only Way Is Essex, and Hannah is still modeling and has a new man.

2. Jessica Hayes and Max Morley (AKA the winners)

Jess was the underdog throughout the ITV2 series. She had quite a few rows, but became one of the most-loved girls in there, probably because she was so relatable. We’ve all been there, right?

She had rivalry with Naomi Ball, but Max eventually chose her and asked her to be his girlfriend. N’aw.

They ended up beating Hannah and Jon to the winning spot.

Max and Jess continued their romance for a while, but eventually split up.

Sad face.

3. Josh Ritchie and Lauren Richardson

The definition of friendship goals, we loved to watch Lauren and Josh during the first series of the show.

Josh had quite a bit of lady drama whilst in the villa, with Jess and Naomi, but he came third place with BFF Lauren by his side.


4. Jordan Ring AKA Hulk and Zoe Brown

Come on. We ALL remember that ‘spider’ scene don’t we…?

There was a lot of drama when he decided to couple up with newbie Daisy, but Jordan finally realised it was model Zoe that he wanted to be with.

They didn’t make it to the final, but did make it offish whilst in the villa.

The couple have broken up since the show ended, with Zoe telling her social media followers: ‘To all those who have asked Hulk and I are no longer together. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and messages throughout, wish him all the best #onwardsandupwards.’

5. Omar Sultani

Oh, Omar.

He didn’t have an easy time in the villa, and was eventually dumped. Sad times.

Both Omar and his confidence were two of our fave islanders at the time…

And he’s definitely been keeping up with the new series on Twitter.

6. Naomi Ball

As most new islanders are, Naomi was put on the island to cause dramz. And she sure delivered.

The blonde beauty coupled up with Josh Ritchie (stealing him from Jess, with explosive results), before going on to dump him for Max Morley (who was also linked to Jess).

SInce leaving the show, she sparked rumours of a reconciliation with Josh after a cryptic Instagram picture, and also attended a premiere with Max (but just as friends).

7. Luis Morrison

A former professional footballer, Luis certainly got the attention of the ladies when he entered on day one.

Sadly, nothing was really working out for him… Until former flame Cally Jane Beech entered the villa.

The pair have been together ever since.