Katy Perry Celebrates Her Birthday By Dressing As An Election Voting Form

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Katy Perry wears a dress designed like a voting form onstage in Las Vegas

Katy Perry has made it pretty clear who she'll be voting for in the US Presidential Elections.

The star, who turned 28 today, performed for Barack Obama at a concert in las Vegas wearing a black and white PVC dress designed to look like an election voting form. And which box on her frock did she have ticked?Obama's, of course!

And if that wasn't exciting enough, the President even gave Katy a shout-out at the rally. He said she's "just a wonderful young lady" - and even gave her 91-year-old grandma a kiss backstage. Grandma Perry must have been wearing one of her brightest lippies, too - as Obama joked to the crowd - "Fortunately, somebody wiped it off before Michelle saw it." Megalolz.

Taking to her Twitter page to express her excitement, Katy said: "So tonight was a great night! The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. Ever." (sic)

We think she's just upstaged every birthday bash we've ever had. Happy Birthday, Katy! Check out her best moments in our fun video below, then scroll through her greatest style statements in our gallery... RM

Watch Katy Perry's Best Moments In Our Special Birthday Video

Check out Katy's best moments on the red carpet, on stage and backstage in our cute celebratory birthday video. Happy 28 Birthday, Katy! We heart you.

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