Kate Middleton: Proud Of Prince William Rescue!

by Kate Stephens

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Kate Middleton wearing red blazer with Prince William in dark blue jacket
Prince William was a hero this weekend!

Kate Middleton will be SO proud of her husband Prince William, after he helped save a teenage girl who was drowning off the coast of Wales!

CNN reports that he piloted the RAF Search and Rescue helicopter sent out when she and her friend were caught in a riptide while body-boarding, and pulled out to sea.

Paramedic Harry Harrison told the BBC: "When I got to her, the girl was clearly exhausted and was going under the water for what was the very last time. Sometimes it's just a twisted ankle or a broken bone, but this was one rescue where we truly did arrive in the nick of time."

William only qualified as search and rescue captain in May, being promoted from co-pilot. Amazing work, Flight Lt. Wales! BS

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