Kate Middleton 'Helped Prince William To Become More Stylish'

Kate Stephens

Kate Middleton wearing a green winter coat, Prince William wearing a blue suit
Kate Middleton has helped Prince William to become more stylish, according to People

Kate Middleton helped Prince William to become more stylish, a royal source has told People magazine.

We were thinking he looked a lot smarter recently…

The source said: "He has seemed to have become sharper since he got married, such as wearing a handkerchief in his top pocket. Some have inferred that it is his wife's influence."

Since the royal couple's wedding in April 2011, William is said to have invested in new suits made by Saville Row tailors. In October, he wore a Spencer Hart suit (a tailor loved by P.Diddy), while at his former nanny's funeral, he wore a suit by Richard James, who dresses Tom Cruise, Usher and James Bond himself… Daniel Craig!

The source added that the suits are "much more modern than the suits he had when he was younger". 

And fashion expert Hilary Alexander agrees that it's all down to Kate, too. She said: "I think it is Kate's influence. Since the wedding she has obviously had some influence on his wardrobe - guiding him to slightly more modern, contemporary look, rather than perhaps relying on what his father wears."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Wills and Harry has said: "They recognize the importance of setting an example in their working life by wearing clothing that is both British and smart. The timelessness of that has not lost their appeal to them and they've always wanted to keep that alive."

Nah, we think it's all down to Kate! RM

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