Kate Middleton Hair Envy? We've All Got It...

Kate Stephens

Kate Middleton smiles in winter sun in burgundy winter coat
Kate Middleton shows off her poll-winning hair

Kate Middleton's hair is the envy of the nation, according to a brand new poll. No surprises there!

Kate's long brunette locks are rarely out of place, and her glossy healthy-looking hair has beaten those of Jerry Hall and Cheryl Cole to be the mane that the majority of those polled by pro hair retailer Fabriah want.

Other celebs in the list included Kelly Brook, Victoria Beckham, Adele, Holly Willoughby, Nicole Scherzinger and Michelle Obama.

Kate's rocking the polls at the moment - she was also voted the most naturally beautiful woman in the UK too. We think it's ace that everyone loves her as much as we do!

Go Kate! BS

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