Kate Middleton And Prince William To Visit Newcastle

by Kate Stephens

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Kate Middleton wears a yellow summer dress alongside Prince William in Asia
Kate Middleton and Prince William will visit a number of charities in Newcastle

Kate Middleton and Prince William will be paying a visit to Newcastle next Wednesday. It will be the Duchess Of Cambridge's FIRST UK public appearance since topless pictures of her were published in France.

The royal couple will head to Tyneside to visit some of the region's charities and community groups. They'll start with Newcastle's Civic Centre to meet Olympic organisers before visiting the Institute Of Ageing And Health to learn about the latest scientific research.

They'll be meeting lots of locals along the way too, as they travel south to Stockton.

We'll keep you posted with all Kate's wardrobe statements. Can't wait! RM  

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Kate Middleton's brunette tresses are always impeccably styled for public appearances, and this event is no exception. Try heated rollers and some gentle backcombing to recreate the Duchess' voluminous 'do.

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