Jessie J Works It In The Studio. #BODY

Jessie J Works It In The Studio. #BODY

Jessie J in green jacket, aviator shades and red lipstick, smiling in LA sun
Jessie J was all smiles while out in LA this week!

Jessie J's commitment to her workout routine has been showing nearly 24/7 on her Twitter account lately, as she tweets about her gym habits.

She's in LA at the moment and yesterday she excitedly wrote about her time exercising, before she headed into the studio:

"The buuuurrrrnnn!!! Amazing workout!!! Now to to the studio with @TheDoctorLuke I AM SO EXCITED!!!"

It turned out that Jessie couldn't just focus on her music while she was in there though, as she got caught working out in the studio too:

"Got caught doing planks in the studio... #BODY ;)"

Check out the pic below of Jessie - now THAT'S commitment! BS

Jessie J working out in Doctor Luke's studio in LA
Jessie J tweeted this pic of her doing a plank in the studio!

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