Fifty Shades Of Grey: Holly Willoughby Is 'Obsessed'

Kate Stephens

Holly Willoughby wears a purple cardigan while out and about in London
Holly Willoughby has revealed that she can't get enough of the racy novels

Fifty Shades Of Grey has claimed another celebrity fan. Holly Willoughby has revealed that she became "completely obsessed" with E L James' racy novels.

It's always the quiet ones…

Talking to Easy Living magazine about the books, which are in talks to become a movie, Holly said: "I finished the first book and thought, 'this is the best thing I’ve ever read.'

"I was completely obsessed. Literally couldn’t put it down. Then I read the second, and the third... I mean, bloody hell, you learn a lot – I think every woman should read them!"

Fans of Celebrity Juice will know that Holly is no girl-next-door, and can give as good as she gets when it comes to naughty banter with Keith Lemon.

But she added: "I do get pretty sick of talking about my boobs."

We don't blame you Holly. We can think of far more exciting things to talk about - like who will play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie… scroll down to see who YOU would like to see play the saucy CEO. RM