Emma Watson: I Can't Watch Kissing Scenes

Emma Watson: I Can't Watch Kissing Scenes

Emma Watson wears a black strapless dress on the red carpet
Emma Watson has revealed that she can't bear to watch the kissing scenes in her new movie

Emma Watson is attending the screening of her new movie Perks Of Being A Wallflower tonight - but there's not a chance she'll be watching the moment when she locks lips with her co-star.

The Harry Potter actress revealed today that she just can't bear to watch any kissing scenes. She told Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 show: "It's really funny because when I watch the film back, there are a few things I can't watch. I can't watch the Rocky Horror dancing scene, and I can't watch the kissing scenes." Cringe!

Emma wears a corset and performs a sexy dance in scenes she admits she found difficult to film. She added: "This film really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I told the director that I have just come from playing Hermione Granger and you are expecting me to dance and putting me in corsets, and it's difficult."

Hermione in a corset? We bet she looks fabulous. RM

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