Some viewers couldn't believe that Dr Dawn didn't step in to stop the islanders from drinking the salty water on Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls...


As we watched a fresh batch of shiny celebrities being dropped in the middle of on an inhabited Island somewhere in the pacific ocean, we literally could not contain our excitement.

The first episode of Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls saw stars such as TOWIE favourite Lydia Bright, and JLS singer Aston Merrygold looking slightly scared as they moved in with a whole host of creepy crawlies. Eek.

Kicking off the 2-week survival challenge for Stand Up To Cancer, Made in Chelsea star, Ollie Locke, impressed us as he chopped through the bushes in search of a safe place for the group to sleep. Indiana Jones eat your heart out.

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Dawn Harper was criticised for letting the camp members drink the salty water...

Dawn Harper was criticised for letting the camp members drink the salty water…

But as we watched the brave celebs battle to stay alive on the Island, back in civilisation Embarrassing Bodies star, Dawn Harper, was causing drama of her own after the islanders made a a bit of a faux pas.

As the group split up to find a permanent base, some of the celebs soon discovered they didn’t bring enough water for the gruelling trek ahead, whoops.

Slowly dehydrating in the searing heat, Lydia finally seemed to strike gold as she found a stream of “fresh water” – unfortunately survival expert Bear Grylls separately tells viewers that it wasn’t safe at all, saying: “If water tastes salty it is madness to drink it!”

Aston and the rest of the group fell ill after drinking the dodgy water...

Aston and the rest of the group fell ill after drinking the dodgy water…

He then commented that it could even cause “severe sickness and diarrhoea,” and we all prayed the celebs would avoid the dodgy water…

After a vote, where many of the celebrities agreed the water definitely did taste salty, a few desperate islanders took an almighty risk and decided to drink the contaminated liquid anyway.

*Hands over eyes moment*

As predicted by the survival godfather himself, the celebs soon began to feel ill and poor Ollie even threw up.

However fans of the show were more confused by the fact Dawn didn’t clock that the water was dangerous, and many took to Twitter to criticise the doc.

One viewer wrote: “Shocked that doctor Dawn wasn’t more use and didn’t realise the water was salty and therefore not good #CelebrityIsland #beargrylls”

A second viewer said: “The ‘celebrity’ doctor on #CelebrityIsland drinking salty water. Glad she’s not my GP.”

While another commented: :Why did Dr Dawn let them drink that water? Surely she should know it would make them ill? Is she a real doctor? #CelebrityIsland #channel4″

Luckily for the struggling islanders they soon recovered and managed to find fresh water. Phew.

So while their first day may not have been a total success (they had to make two SOS calls in 48 hours) we’re convinced they’ll all transform into jungle wilderness experts by the time the two weeks are up. Good luck celebs!

By Naomi Bartram