Cheryl Cole Vows Never To Talk About Tre Holloway Relationship

by Kate Stephens

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Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway holding hands on a night out
Cheryl Cole has said she'll never talk about a relationship to the press again

Cheryl Cole has vowed never to talk about her relationship with new boyfriend Tre Holloway. 

The Girls Aloud star made the claim in an interview with Glamour, following constant questions about her new dancer boyfriend. 

Cheryl admits that in her early Girls Aloud days she talked openly about her relationship with Ashley Cole, but says that she wouldn't make that same mistake again. 

She says: "I was very innocent when I started out, and happy to talk about how amazing Ashley was and how much I loved him. 

"I mean, I would read the odd headline, and think, 'Oh s**t - maybe I was a bit too open', but I was always happy to talk about things."

She added: "Since then, I've been to hell and back, and I've made a decision: I won't ever talk about a relationship in public again."

Oh, boo.

Cheryl's been photographed holding hands with Tre as they head to various dinner dates in London and has admitted they're dating. She's also kissed him live on stage and Kimberley Walsh has told LOOK exclusively that he's a "lovely" guy

As for the rest? It seems we just might have to ask Tre himself… RM

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