How The General Election Will Affect Tonight’s Big Brother

In an unexpected twist, the housemates will reportedly be told the results...

Talk today, of course, is all about the general election.

But there’s one place in the country you wouldn’t expect news of a hung parliament to have spread – the Big Brother house.

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We mean, the whole point of the show is to shut contestants off from the outside world, right?

But it’s been claimed that the housemates WILL find out the results on tonight’s show, with host Emma Willis letting them know during the first live eviction of the series.

A source tells Radio Times: ‘Live tomorrow [Friday] night, Emma Willis will reveal the result of the general election to the Big Brother housemates.’

Tom Barber on Big Brother

Tom Barber is our ‘People’s Housemate’

This isn’t the first time BB has bucked its usual rules this year. Tom Barber is actually our ‘People’s Housemate’, who has regular contact with the outside world.

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But not everyone is happy about the latest revelation.

One viewer Tweeted: ‘Point of the show, no contact with outside world! I hate when this happens,’ while another weighed in: ‘I repeat my point. It doesn’t matter if it’s to do with housemates. The premise of #bbuk is ‘no contact with the outside world’. Period [sic].’

Before the election took place, fans were a little concerned that housemates wouldn’t be able to cast their votes, but producers were quick to remind them that they could’ve done so by post before the show began.

A Tweet on the official BBUK page read: ‘In case you’re wondering… Big Brother advised the HMs how to arrange a postal vote before entering the House 😊🗳️ #BBUK #GeneralElection17 [sic].’

We’re glad to hear it. Let’s hope they take the election a little more seriously than the eviction tonight, eh?