MIC’s Binky Felstead Shares Her Top Pre-Natal Workout Moves

The pregnant Made In Chelsea star has been offering up workout tips for fellow mums-to-be...

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead has shared her first pre-natal workout with her fans.

The 26-year-old announced her exciting baby news earlier this week when she revealed that her and on/off ex JP Patterson were expecting their first child together.


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And considering Binky’s become somewhat of a gym bunny over the past 12 months, it’s hardly surprising that she’s planning on continuing her active lifestyle throughout her pregnancy.

Taking to Instagram to show off her favourite pre-natal workout moves, Binky wrote: ‘Soooooo here we goooo… first trimester workouts with @bethefittest. Trying to maintain fitness and strength during pregnancy by doing small modified workouts but often.’

‘Regular exercise throughout pregnancy has great benefits for both mother and child! Just listen to your body and dont over do it.

Will be posting my second trimester workouts soon.’

The moves, which Binky did herself for the camera, included wide leg squat presses, bicep curls, glute bridges, modified burpees and a light run on the treadmill.

And tonnes of fans rushed to thank the star for her pregnancy workout tips.

‘This is so useful! I’m wanting to keep as fit as possible during my pregnancy. So helpful to see some workout ideas!’ one gushed.

‘Well done you! I was so scared to train when I was pregnant and didn’t feel there was enough info out there on how to train safely, so this is great! Good luck, it’s an incredible journey you’re on’, posted another.

However, the post also divided opinion, with others quick to criticise the pregnant star.

‘I think it’s great that you are still working out whilst pregnant, but you are not suppose to do hip thrusts as your pelvis should not he elevated above head level. It’s dangerous for baby @binkyfelstead’, wrote one.

‘What is wrong with just relaxing and resting in pregnancy! 🙈 I have two girls a toddler and baby under a year and believe me u do enough Running about after them to keep fit! Rest while u can 😝 and after nine months giving birth if my second kid im back in size 8 clothes ✌️ kids keep u busy and fit 👊🏻’, posted another dubious Instagram user.

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