Rihanna’s Pyjama Party Continues

Kate Stephens

Rihanna works the pyjama look once again in New York

Rihanna may be a major trend trailblazer – 90’s grunge and sexed up punk anyone? – but she’s not afraid to return to a favourite look now and again. After championing the pyjama trend multiple times this summer while promoting her film Battleship, RiRi slipped into another slinky set to attend the opening of mentor Jay Z’s 40/40 Club in New York last night. But far from looking like she’d just fallen out of bed, Rihanna’s printed two piece was amped up to the max with red lips, sexy tan strappies and a healthy dose of bling from her jewelled necklace. Well, they don’t say stick to what you know for nothing. GG

Rihanna Pictures

Rihanna Rocks A Gorgeous Red Hue In Instagram Snap

We can't keep up with colour chameleon queen Rihanna's hair transformations, but we are baffled how she manages to suit every single one! Her most recent red reveal is plastered all over her Instagram feed and has got us seriously considering going auburn this summer.

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