9 Annoying Problems Of Having Resting Bitch Face

9 Annoying Problems Of Having Resting Bitch Face

THIS IS JUST MY FACE. The struggles of bitchy resting face are just too real...

by Laura Jane Turner

Having a resting bitch face is no laughing matter. See what we did there? 

A lot of our famous celebrity sisters sport a bitchy resting face - we're not alone, hoorah! - including Lucy Watson, Instagram's resident bad gal Rihanna, queen of sarcasm Kourtney Kardashian and Kristen Stewart. And we love them for it. 

Now there's official scientific research that explains why you might have a bitchy resting face. Behavioral researchers at Noldus Information Technology have created a facial recognition software which is designed to break down even the most subtle facial expressions and, by using the software on an expressionless face, they can determine whether or not you've actually got a bitchy resting face. Here's how it works - once the face is in place, the scientists map out 500 points on your visage, which they then configure to eight human emotions ranging from happy to sad. By doing this, the facial reader determines which kind of emotions your facial expressions give off (whether you realise it or not). If your natural facial expressions resemble those given when you're characteristically annoyed then yep - you've got a bitchy resting face. Cool huh? The big question is, would you want to have your bitchy resting face scientifically proven?!

If you're not quite ready to have your face scientifically deemed 'bitchy', have a LOL with these totally relatable real life problems of having a less-than-friendly resting face...

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1. People say 'SMILE THEN' as they shove a camera in your face. 

You've perfected the art of the sexy smoulder. And the seductive pout. And the expressionless selfie. 

Because otherwise, 9 times out of 10, you'll look like a cross between Wallace and Gromit and a crazy person. 

2. People will ask you if you're ok at least once every 10 minutes... 


3. Telling jokes can be pretty tough. 

Most people will think you're being serious.

No. Sometimes I do sarcasm. And I'm even pretty witty, thanks. 

4. But having arguments can be pretty fun. 


5. People will assume you're bored, when really you're having the time of your life. Inside.

I'm loving life right now. Can't you tell?

6. You'll be mistaken for having an attitude problem A LOT. 

Really, this is just my face. I promise. 

7. Making friends can be tough. 

If you had a pound for everyone that said 'I thought you were a right grumpy cow when I first met you', you'd be a millionaire. 

8. The face ache. 

Having to sport a forced smile and show enthusiasm for that all-important event is exhausting. Trust us. 

9. Sometimes, you just want to BE. 

This really is just my face, guys... 

By Laura Jane Turner