Kimberly Walsh Hearts Accessorize

Kimberly Walsh Hearts Accessorize 29 July 2009

Written By: Sinead 0'Donoghue

Take a look at theTake a look at the £35 high street sandals that have been snapped up by Girls Aloud.

Girls Aloud have provided us with some serious wardrobe-envy over the last few years. Unfortunately for us, most of their must-have buys are usually designer and our bank balance just doesn’t stretch to a piece of Chanel arm candy or Louis Vuitton shoes! So when we saw the pictures of Kimberly Walsh on a recent holiday, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a pair ofAccessorizesandals on her feet. Snap them up now for your upcoming holiday, or wear them now, with your new autumn cropped trousers- the perfect transitional buy! 

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