Ascot Styling Guide: How To Get Your Outfit Just Right

Ascot may still be a while off, but were already looking forward to it! The highlight of the British summertime social calendar, people flock from all over the nation to take in the races at the world-renowned course, either on Ladies Day or with their partners and families on the other days surrounding the event.

However, getting your ticket is the easy part – it’s working out what to wear that sends us into an anxious meltdown.

Notoriously strict when it comes to the dress code, get your look wrong and you could actually find yourself turned away at the gates. Yep, it’s that serious.

To help its guests navigate its dress code with ease, Ascot has come up with its own full-proof styling guide, which makes choosing your ensemble so much easier (and totally risk free!)

We were lucky enough to be invited to The Ritz, AKA the swankiest venue in London, to see the Ascot Styling Guide video first hand.

With differing dress codes for the respective Royal and Queen Anne enclosures, the beautifully shot short film has outfit suggestions regardless of which ticket you have.

Check out the video for yourselves below to see exactly what you can and can’t wear at Ascot…