These Zodiac Beauty Looks Are Out Of This World

Oh so mesmerising.

Whether or not you’re an avid follower of the stars, we bet you’re going to be blown away by these beauty looks. MUA and beauty blogger Setareh Hosseini, IG: starlit_makeup, is a babe who knows how to use a brush. She’s created a fair amount of eye catching makeup looks, but her most recent Zodiac themed creations are definitely making waves in the beauty world.

The looks are nothing short of awe inspiring, and quite honestly we cannot stop staring at them. Each one is accompanied by a star sign reading, which she has managed to encapsulate perfectly.

From face paint, to gems and even a nose ring, it’s not just down to makeup to create these amazing looks. Setareh goes as far as using props like horns and flower crowns to perfect her intergalactic faces. We also just have to comment on the nose contouring, because, quite frankly it is some of the best we have ever seen. The girl’s got skills.

Our personal favourites are her smouldering take on the Taurus bull, her cleverly crafted claws and fiery red finish for Cancer and her flower girl meets vampy Virgo. Check out all the looks bellow and choose your favourite.

All we’re wishing is that we had seen these before Halloween. * Sob *.

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