The Christmas Nails That Are Taking Over Insta

Because it's never too early for some Crimbo nailspiration.

We’re not sure if there is a better way to get into the  Christmas spirit than embracing the novelty nail. Especially as it involves all our favourite things – glitter and sparkles and more glitter.

Plus we’ve done all your research for you. Whether you are the type to go all out and coat yourself in tinsel, or whether you prefer a more subtle and sophisticated look,  Insta has it all.

Timeless Red Nails

How to make a statement at your staff do whilst remaining poised, classy and drop dead gorgeous.  These scarlett nails are the perfect component to a statement dress.

Ice Princess Nails

Calm and cool, but still ultra sheeny, you could probably pull these off all year round. They glimmer when they move like tiny mirror pieces.

Multi-coloured nails

These are just really fun- plus achievable with a steady hand. Xmas is the ultimate excuse to get cheeky with colours, and you can definitely afford to clash a little.

Party Nails

Daring and dangerous with a sprinkling of glitter. You’ll feel like you belong at the top of the Christmas tree.

Here is the video from my recent design! 🙂 I chose a rather elegant design and I called it Christmas nails or party nails 😻❤️🎄❤️ These were inspired by @badgirlnails ! To create this look I used all @wonderlandmakeup cosmetic nail polishes : base coat, Very Cherry and then top coat 💅🏼💅🏼 absolutely love the high glossy outcome that these provide 💖😻 The glitter is from @bornprettystore I feel it makes the whole design stand out 💫💫💫 I hope you like these ones 💁🏼💖 #christmasnails #christmas2016 #partynails #wonderlandmakeup #nails #notd #sparkle #frenchmanicure #featuremynails

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Christmas Tree Nails

What’s great about this style is there are no misunderstandings regarding the theme of your nails – they are Christmas through and through. The gold baubles on top are a nice touch.

Winter Nails

A work of art and pretty as a picture.

Holiday Nails

These are just ridiculous. In a good way.

Movie Inspired Nails

Is there a more Christmassy film than Home Alone? We don’t think so!

While we love The Grinch, we’re not sure how practical these furry tips are IRL…


Another incredible Home Alone-inspo set of nails…

"Один дома" – один из любимых ностальгических фильмов! Всех еще раз с прошедшими праздниками!))) Маникюр акриловыми красками для #лаковаяпалитра #лаковаяпалитра_homealone @bertram_bunny @lakilakru @shy_nails @sunnysky197 #маникюр #маниинста #лакоманьяк #фотоногтей #ногти #ноготки #мирдолжензнатькакогоцветамоиногти #лакдляногтей #тегсообществанейлру #nails #maniinsta #manicure #nailart #naildesign #nailpolish #nailpolishaddict #instanails #ignails #nailgram #notd #homealonenails #homealonemanicure

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It’s SANTAAAAAAAA! Yes, the these Elf beauties…

We’d probably end up weeping if we had these Snowman themed nails…

One of our faves to watch around the tree, a bit of Love Actually…

We might have to watch these all over again.

By Shannan Sterne