This Is How To Nail Autumn 2012's Biggest Beauty Trend...

Kate Stephens

NYC smokey eye palette to get AW12's biggest beauty trend, 2012
NYC smokey eye palette to get AW12's biggest beauty trend, 2012

Working an AW12 smokey eye just got even easier, thanks to the latest hot beauty product to land at high street beauty fave NYC make-up.

New York Color's IndividualEyes eyeshadow palettes combine highlighter, primer and a selection of amazing smokey eye shadow colours. The best part? NYC have designed a different colour palette for every eye colour - so whether you're blue eyed or brown eyed you know the shades in your palette will totally compliment your skin tone (plus, these totally gorgeous shades are really wearable).

Our models rocked fab statement eyes on the LOOK Show AW12 catwalk this weekend, so you know it's going to be big news this autumn. Our top tip? Team your look-at-me eyes with plenty of mascara, simple dewy skin and a clean lip for model-worthy look.

We can't wait to let our eyes do all the talking this party season, thanks NYC. HG

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