Online Shop Of The Week: The Fragrance Shop

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Online Shop Of The Week: The Fragrance Shop
11 November 2008
Written By: Sinead 0'Donoghue

This week The Fragrance Shop comes up smelling of roses!

If youre anything like us, you'll be pretty obsessed with perfume and love to browse through all the latest fragrances.

This week our obsession has hit a new level as we have been shopping at The Fragrance Shop.

With Christmas only around the corner we've started to prepare ourselves for our Christmas parties by stocking up on the hottest fragrances around - all to ensure were smelling delicious under the mistletoe.

If youre felling guilty about splashing the cash on yourself then you can snap up great presents too.

The Fragrance Shop is offering some fantastic discounts on gift sets, take the Showtime Set by Kylie Minogue - it's the perfect present for your friends who are massive Kylie fans. You can snap up the lip-gloss and perfume for

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