This Make-Up ‘Stamp’ Promises You Perfect Eyeliner Flicks Every Time

The Vamp Stamp is taking over our Instagram feeds. And we can totally see why...

If you haven’t heard about the Vamp Stamp, you’re in for an absolute treat.

Every make-up addict knows the struggle of perfecting the cat-eye flick. Sure, we might have come up with a handy little method that works nine times out of ten, but the dreaded ‘bad eyeliner day’ can still come out of left field and leave us feeling a little empty.

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But the folks behind the Vamp Stamp have come up with an ingenious little invention that could spell the end of wonky ‘liner for good.

This game-changing product promises perfectly uniformed flicks. That’s right. Just imagine how easy life* (*your beauty routine) could be if that was a guarantee.

The Vamp Stamp, which hasn’t been released yet, has been building up quite a bit of anticipation online, with the brand’s Instagram page slowly gaining followers – and a lot of attention.

Promising to ‘wing it’, the tool includes a perfectly angled brush which effectively ‘stamps’ your flick in place.

One view at a how-to video shows how easy it could be. In fact, we can’t quite believe it’s taken so long for someone to think of it.

There doesn’t seem to be any word on a release date, but the Vamp Stamp is already gaining fans, with social media users commenting: ‘Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee just put these up for sale already!’ and ‘I need this now!!’

We’ll definitely be putting this to the test ASAP.