LOOK Loves: Kevin Murphy's White Color.Bug!

Kate Stephens

A model with sunkised hair and Kevin Murphy White Color.Bug, £12.95
Get perfect highlighted streaks with Kevin Murphy's White Color.Bug

Now that winter’s approaching, our sun-bleached locks have suddenly lost their spark – but don't fret, because they don't have to look dull for long. Kevin Murphy, founder of the amazing Color.Bugs, £12.95 each that can be used to streak and dip-dye hair, have just launched an amazing white version. It's perfect for light brown and blonde hair. Simply swipe the block over random strands of your hair and it'll instantly look sunkissed. Don't believe us? Check out the amazing how-to video from the man himself, Kevin Murphy. Two-minute, wash-out highlights? We'll be bagging one of those, thank you! SF

Kevin Murphy White Color.Bug Demo

Click on the video below to find out how to use Kevin Murphy's amazing White Color.Bug

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