Khloe Kardashian has shared her ultimate gym essentials with us all. And we’re thanking her for it, because just look at that body. 

We all know that the 31-year-old is now a total veteran when it comes to working out. But every girl’s got her own gym bag must-haves – water bottle, FitBit, headphones – so what are Khloe’s?

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Well, in a new post on her website, ‘The Workout Must-Haves I’m Obsessed With Right Now’, Khloe explains.

‘When it comes to working out and leading a healthy lifestyle, I’m always trying new things’, she writes. ‘If I find something I love, I make it a part of my routine – it’s all about creating healthy habits! Here are some of my latest fitness must-haves.’

1. The drink



‘I’m obsessed with Celsius!!! This is Russell Simmons’ company and the drinks actually boost metabolism and increase stamina. I drink this before a workout for better results.’

Celsius Energy Drink, £5.19

2. The leggings



‘I basically live in workout pants. After a gym sesh I’ll wear them around the house, or out to run errands. Lululemons always work and hug in all the right places.’

LuluLemon High Times Pant, £82

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3. The healthy snack



‘Justin’s squeeze packs are the BEST snacks! I always have a bunch of these in my purse in case I get hungry on the go. They keep me full until I have time to prep a healthy meal! Literally every flavour is bomb!’

Justin’s Almond Butter Vanilla Squeeze Packs, £4.40

4. The equipment



‘Resistance bands are sooo good for at-home workouts. They intensify exercises like squats, leg lifts and lateral walks. I use them when I train with Gunnar AND when I’m working out alone—plus, since they’re so lightweight, they are perfect for travel.’

Black Mountain Resistance Loop Bands Set, £10.95