Hairstyle How-To Video: The Ribbon Plait

Hairstyle How-To Video: The Ribbon Plait

Erin Fetherton Perfects The Ribbon Plait!
Erin Fetherton Perfects The Ribbon Plait!

Want to give your plait a summer update?! We thought so! That's why for this week's Friday Night Hair video we're showing you how to perfect the ribbon plait!

Why not make a statement for festival season by going for a stand-out colour, or for day to day wear go for a shade similar to your hair colour. Erin Fetherston shows how amazing this hairstyle can look for a night out, simply swap in a metallic ribbon for an uber-glam finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Just click below to watch LOOK's Beauty Editor, Katie Chan show you how to transform your hair in three simple steps. All you need is a hair tie and some ribbon, have fun trying it out for yourself!

By Alex Bartlett

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Hairstyle How-To: Ribbon Plait

Click to watch LOOK's Beauty Editor Katie show you how to create a boho-cool ribbon plait!

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