Hairstyle How-To: French Plait Updo

Kate Stephens

Jessica Hart wearing a French plait updo
Watch our Friday Night hair video and learn how to create a French plait Updo

Going out tonight and need a new hairstyle to get you looking hot? Well, you've come to the right place, because we've got another Friday Night Hair how-to video just for you. This week, LOOK's Deputy Beauty Editor, Katie Chan, will be showing you how to create a flawless French plait updo, as sported by the beautiful Jessica Hart, Byrdie Bell and Freida Pinto. Get your braiding skills down, grab a few hair pins and you'll be good to go. Happy Friday!. SF

Hairstyle How-To: French Plait Updo

Today's Friday Night Hair is inspired by Jessica Hart's amazing French plait updo. Learn how to do it by clicking on the below video.

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