Diamonds Are Forever!

Diamonds Are Forever!
04 November 2008
Written By: Sinead 0'Donoghue

We've come to the terms with the fact that we won't be receiving diamonds this Christmas, so instead we're snapping up a diamond package for ourselves.

Dont stick around and wait to be surprised with a diamond, just treat yourself to a Dior Diamond compact instead.

After watching The X Factor and seeing Cheryl Cole sporting her massive rock, we felt rather depressed about the lack of diamonds in our life so we decided to do something about it. Let us introduce you to the new Night Diamond All Over Diamond Dust by Dior.

The new compact is the perfect accessory for the evening and contains a jewel-like powder.

The powder is set in a stunning black box complete with 30 solitaire-cut crystals that is inspired by the Dior Couture collections.

The two shades available - Beige Diamond and Pink Diamond - give your skin a subtle shimmer while capturing all the magic of light.

Its a must have for your dressing table too and it took a lot of courage for us to use it as we just kept staring at it!

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