Best Concealers: Our Editor’s Rank Their Favourites

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Confused about which concealer you need? Get it right with our round-up of the best concealers on the block, for dark circles, spots, pale skin and dark skin…

Finding the best concealer for your skin type might seem like a simple thing, but you’d be surprised about how much it can elevate your entire make-up look. And whether you’re after the best concealers for dark circles, spots or even acne scars, rest assured, we’ve found one for your skin dilemma.

Concealers are total hero product, a girl can never have too many – here on the Beauty Desk we have a good five each! And they each serve a different purpose.

The best concealer will correct and cover all our imperfections, helping us cheat a flawless complexion. We’ve thought of every beauty blunder and found which are the best concealers for blemishes and acne, the best concealers for dark circles and the best concealers for pale skin… Trust us, there’s one out there for everyone!

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Dark circles are one of beauty’s biggest bugbears. There’s nothing worse than looking exhausted and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, how many eye patches we use or how good our eye care régime is, we can’t seem to get those shadows to budge. But if you didn’t manage to get your beauty sleep there’s no need to stress, find out how to get rid of dark circles with some of the best under eye concealer on the market. Peachy undertones are best, as they counteract sallowness.

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And it’s not just bag banishers we’re after. Adult acne is on the rise, and anyone who suffers from persistent breakouts or problem skin knows just how important it is to conceal blemishes correctly. Some of the best concealer for spots is often thicker in texture, but don’t overload. Use a thicker formula before you apply your foundation, and use a lighter texture to touch up later if need be.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty hider or the best concealers for contouring, we’ve got your fix. Shop our edit of the complexion-fixers we couldn’t live without.