Best Lip Balms: 12 To Get You Through Winter

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Keep one in your bag at all times.

It’s official, winter is here, and while that means cosy nights in, Christmas candles and comfort food, it’s also a one way ticket to dry, chapped cracked lips. Wah.

A mixture of the wind, chilly temperatures and amped up heating wreck havoc on your poor pouts. Aside from the fact thet they dont look too pretty, they’re painful and uncomfortable, plus you can forget about your signature red lip, chapped lips and lipstick don’t go so well together.

Drinking more water, keeping your lips covered and using a lip scrub are just some of the things you can do to help prevent and help heal chapped lips. But a good lip balm is essential if you want your lips to stay in tip top conditon through winter.

There are lots of balms out there but we’ve pulled out some of the best lip loving formulas to keep your pout looking and feeling kissable this Christmas!