Beauty Tried And Tested: The Best Brunette Shampoos

Kate Stephens

Brunette Shampoos by John Fridea, Toni&Guy, Mark Hill, Pantene put to the test
Beauty Tried And Tested: Brunette Shampoos from brands including John Fridea, Toni&Guy, Mark Hill and Pantene

Looking for a shampoo to help keep your hair salon quality longer? LOOK is here to help... today our very own Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner and LOOK reader Mandy Deol have searched the high street and found four brunette shampoos to put to the test...

Beauty Editor: Take care when you pour this one, the watery texture means it’ll run out quicker if you’re not careful. Use on hair prone to frizz for an uber sleek finish.

Mandy: This one left my hair feeling so soft and smooth. The smell was lovely and my colour did look really great once my hair had dried.

Beauty Score: 3/5

Beauty Editor: Hair is left feeling soft with serious shine. It may feel super thick in texture but when lathered up, you’ll find you need to use less than regular shampoo.It smells amazing too!

Mandy: This shampoo felt really luxurious because it’s so thick, just like an expensive salon brand, minus the price tag. My hair looked thicker, glossier and it defiantly made my colour shine.

Beauty Score: 5/5 

Beauty Editor: Who knew a shampoo could be intelligent? This brings out different tones in your hair, meaning it looks thicker and textured. Great for dye job brunettes in need of a refresh between salon visits.

Mandy: My hair looked so bright and felt really smooth after using this. The shine was still there even on day two which meant I didn’t have to wash my hair as much as usual! I would definitely use it again in the future. Beauty Score: 4/5

  • Pantene Brunette Expressions Shampoo, £3.99

Beauty Editor: If you’re a natural brunette you’ll love this; it leaves hair feeling very soft and glossy without altering the colour too much.

Mandy: This had a lovely smell but my hair didn’t look or feel any differently from when I use regular my shampoo. It was majorly shiny but the colour wasn’t brighter in anyway.

Beauty Score: 2/5

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Ogario Revive And Shine The Weekend Set, £6.50

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